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Thu Feb 05 08:25:20 HKT 2015


Difference way to calculate PE -[..]24053111904491704576573241520154756.html

Tracking market with individual stocks -[..]cking-market-with-individual-stocks.html

One powerful technique is to visualize the actions we wish to take *while evoking the emotional state that we are likely to be in*.

In other words, if we want to improve our consistency in honoring stop-loss levels, we should mentally rehearse stopping out of a trade while vividly imagining a market moving against us, evoking all the thoughts and feelings of being in a losing trade.[..]ow-to-become-more-consistent-trader.html

Why so easy to lose $$? People are comfortable with the known, and that keeps them static. It is so easy to lose money in the markets, because markets are dynamic. -[..]08/why-its-so-easy-to-lose-money-in.html

The day's volume in the ES contract not only stayed above its median volume throughout the day, but expanded its rise above the volume norms throughout the day. That told me that volatility was not likely to contract through the session. -[..]-on-relationship-between-volume-and.html[..]10/04/brief-trading-self-assessment.html

Don't lie to yourself -

卡恩喜歡農業股──正如他所說的,“太陽會為你辦妥一切。”此外,他認為基礎工業“急需增加資本投入”。他最喜歡的股票包括:中國高科技元器件制造商南太電子公司(Nam Tai Electronics),以及種子和除草劑巨頭孟山都公司(Monsanto)。 -

羅傑斯:投資者一定要去旅行 -, and in his opinion, food is good investment at the moment -[..]03/what-makes-trader-peak-performer.html[..]04/the-importance-of-measuring-your.html <- Keep record of all transaction and their result, and measure!

Your DNA determine how you invest?

Trend to hold when losing -[..]e-bias-blind-spots-of-investors-and.html

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