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Thu Nov 09 11:20:57 GMT 2023

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Thu Nov 09 07:42:21 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


Following the curiosity -[..]chives/how-i-learn-1-follow-curiousness/

Creativity is often about 'Synthesis' -[..]9/12/what-avatar-can-teach-us-about.html

How to improve creativitiy?

最成功的人,多少都帶點率性,都忠於自己。不是嗎?天天做著不喜歡的事,又怎能出類拔萃?有 Passion,自然就投入,就有幹勁。[..]%AD%E5%8A%9B%E7%9A%84%E4%BA%BA%E6%89%8D/


Too much structured knowledge hurts creativity, shows study -[..]s-of-highly-creative-people-9e30d0bd6782

如何培養創造力?達·芬奇給世人留下這三條秘訣 -

How to Come Up with Great Ideas -

Read and write for creativity -[..]life-will-never-be-the-same-1dcc545664dc

One possible contributory factor is a personality style shared by many of my creative subjects. These subjects are adventuresome and exploratory. They take risks. Particularly in science, the best work tends to occur in new frontiers. -

For me, the quest for a breakthrough often requires getting myself into literal motion; one small step for Poincaré but a whole sequence of steps for me. -[..]e-myth-and-magic-of-generating-new-ideas

When trying out creative ideas, go for your second choice, a new study finds -

As the state marks its bicentennial, creative thinkers look to crashing waves, craggy mountains, and colorful seasons for inspiration. -[..]e/artists-find-centuries-of-inspiration/

他們會坐在椅子上,手中拿著像是湯匙或球的小東西,一旦真的漸漸進入睡眠、小東西自兩人的手上滑落地面,那瞬間的撞擊聲會把他們吵醒,接著愛迪生和達利就會立刻繼續自己的工作。 -

What Does Empathy Have to Do With Good Puzzle Design? -[..]ory-of-puzzles-i-didnt-post-e09b8bf7b1f8

How to train your brain to become more curious -[..]how-train-your-brain-become-more-curious

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Wed Nov 08 13:32:39 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Wed Nov 08 13:20:41 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


Milford Sound -[..]7%9A%84%E6%A8%82%E9%9F%BB-milford-sound/

旅行作家耗时8年游览上千个城镇 揭秘澳洲11个必游宝地 -[..]015/05/new-zealand-travel-itinerary.html[..]/08/air-safaris-new-zealand-glacier.html

澳洲十大秘景 -

澳洲旅攝大作戰 (維多利亞和塔斯曼尼亞篇) -

Tips for getting sim in AU -[..]%b2%e9%9b%bb%e8%a9%b1%e5%8d%a1%ef%bc%81/

紐西蘭的星空聖地——Tekapo -

【新西蘭旅遊】雪地飛機近距離睇最大冰川 入最高山峰冰川探險 -[..]style/realtime/article/20180820/58576663

【新西蘭南極光】極罕見!直擊追光兩星期 攝影達人教授睇極光秘訣 -[..]style/realtime/article/20180820/58576709

Underwater Hotel Opens in Australia on Great Barrier Reef -[..]eat-barrier-reef?dom=rss-default&src=syn[..]ons/things-to-do-north-stradbroke-island[..]reserve-castle-hill-bush-walks-for-kids/[..]do/picnic-areas/kellys-falls-picnic-area[..]ence/new-guinea-plant-diveristy-5234365/

NSW explorers -

澳洲19個不為人知的海灘 -[..]%b7%e7%81%98%ef%bc%88%e4%b8%8b%ef%bc%89/[..]%8e%e9%ba%97%e6%b5%b7%e7%81%98%e4%b8%8a/

Cowra -

Welcome to Lord Howe -

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service -[..]to-do/sydney-family-tours-parks-eco-pass[..]park/parks/barrington-tops-national-park

Yarrangobilly Caves -[..]u/things-to-do/yarrangobilly-caves-tours

Quokkas -

kakadu -

scuba-diving-in-new-zealand -[..]/where-to-go-scuba-diving-in-new-zealand

Various place in AU -[..]features-of-Australia/answer/Reese-Mac-1

卡布丘 (Caboolture)八大景點 (連當地人也推薦!) -[..]%a1%e5%b8%83%e4%b8%98%e6%99%af%e9%bb%9e/

Learning from Australia’s Indigenous storytellers -[..]ticles/australia-indigenous-storytellers

Parkes Observatory -[..]servatory-visitors-centre/hours-location

每个澳大利亚人都必须去看的12处遗产宝藏 -

The Most Beautiful National Parks Near Sydney To Visit This Summer -[..]sydney/a-list/national-parks-near-sydney

精选新州游山玩水好去处 与大自然亲切拥抱 -

8 Australian Islands You Probably Haven’t Heard of But Need to Visit -[..]de/australian-islands-you-need-to-visit/

The fossil site is located at McGraths Flat, in NSW's Central Tablelands, near Gulgong. (AAP: Australian Museum, Salty Dingo) -[..]s-window-to-ancient-ecosystems/100745850

Dive into the Vibrant Waters of the Great Barrier Reef -[..]orld-heritage/article/great-barrier-reef

悉尼周边五大迷宫花园 等你来探索 -

Coober Pedy -[..]rs-ranges-and-outback/places/coober-pedy

Is the Australian Outback really that desolate? -[..]-Australian-Outback-really-that-desolate

They’ve revived the ancient practice of planned burning to renew and preserve their homelands, and help support their communities. -[..]inal-people-fight-fire-with-fire-feature

Pichi Richi Railway
In South Australia's timeless Flinders Ranges
Pichi Richi Railway

Golden ridge animal farm -

【本報柏斯訊】西澳港口城市弗里曼特爾(Fremantle)被美國時代雜誌(Time Magazine)評為全球50個最佳旅遊目的地之一。 -[..]limanteer-ruxuanshidaizazhi50jialuyoude/

澳洲最佳旅遊鄉鎮評選揭曉 新州中西部Mudgee獲頭獎, Exmouth, Strahan -[..]exiao-xinzhouzhongxibumudgeehuotoujiang/

卡爾巴裏國家公園(Kalbarri National Park) -[..]aogendongyoutebiebanzhijingdianjieshao-5

Here’s why hut-hiking is the best way to see New Zealand -[..]iking-is-the-best-way-to-see-new-zealand

Five Incredible Dives On Ningaloo Reef, Australia's Overlooked Treasure -[..]aloo-reef-australias-overlooked-treasure

Australia hands control of its newest national parks to Indigenous peoples -[..]est-national-parks-to-indigenous-peoples

lyrebird -[..]gxuexi-aozhouqinniaojianshimofangnengli/

Crayfish of the Blue Mountains and a new giant ‘spiny’ -

The Best Places To See Autumn Leaves In And Around Sydney -[..]e-best-spots-for-autumn-leaves-in-sydney

Australia Calendar For Fruits, Vegetables, Pick-Your-Own and Other Crops!

西澳偏遠礦區劃國家公園 佔地80萬公頃大過峇里島 -[..]ongyuan-zhande80wangongqingdaguobalidao/

Cooper Pedy -[..]-kubopeididianshijuzhongbianshenhuoxing/

和温柔的大可爱们近距离接触!盘点新州最佳观鲸地点 -

The 17 best steak restaurants in Sydney -[..]ey/restaurants/the-best-steaks-in-sydney

The 10 most popular National Parks in NSW have been revealed and a heap of them are right here in Sydney -[..]-of-them-are-right-here-in-sydney-101023

全息投影動物園(Hologram Zoo)於2022年底開幕,園內不僅是展示動物,更是將遊客帶入自然場景,例如動物奔馳的非洲大草原、魚群漫遊的深海中,甚至是史前的恐龍世界。園方打造沉浸式體驗,讓遊客彷彿化身探險家,跟著參觀動線一路上山下海。 -

悉尼9个海边岩池 水波环绕下疗愈心灵 -

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Mon Nov 06 14:04:36 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Mon Nov 06 14:00:42 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sun Nov 05 12:32:47 GMT 2023 From /weblog/software_engineering/testing


Getting The Most Test Coverage With The Least Test Code - , Interesting question to ask, but I don't buy the arguement personally, because Most Test Coverage is not related to Most Effective Test in most case

mutation-testing, injecting wrong code to provide unit test is working -

The Great Code Coverage Holy Wars of the 21st Century -[..]ly-wars-of-the-21st-century-6fb11e7acce4

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Sun Nov 05 12:30:47 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal


storm-sperm-whales -[..]/geomagnetic-storm-sperm-whales-05092017

Groundbreaking effort launched to decode whale language -[..]-to-try-to-decode-the-language-of-whales

What I Saw When I Came Eye to Eye with a Whale -[..]m/2415069/sperm-whales-research-dominica

Secrets of the Whales -

The hidden world of whale culture -[..]he-hidden-world-of-whale-culture-feature

On Knowing the Winged Whale -[..]om/features/on-knowing-the-winged-whale/

Humpback whales face a major setback from climate change -[..]face-a-major-setback-from-climate-change

It’s the world’s newest whale species—and it’s already endangered -[..]le/rices-whale-endangered-species-newest

Why are these orcas killing sharks and removing their livers? -[..]-great-whites-sharks-livers-south-africa

Whales, From Above -[..]09/15/travel/hamptons-whales-sharks.html

These orcas control the waves to hunt. It’s spine-tingling to watch. -[..]mals-up-close-wave-washing-killer-whales

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Sat Nov 04 12:00:33 GMT 2023 From /weblog/hack+and+faq


A Practical Guide for Kafka Cost Reduction -

A new children's book / illustrated guide to Apache Kafka -

socket.receive.buffer.bytes, with 100kB as the default -[..]/kafka-optimization-four-best-practices/

How to create Kafka consumers and producers in Java -[..]reate-kafka-consumers-and-producers-java

Processing guarantees in Kafka -[..]cessing-guarantees-in-kafka-12dd2e30be0e

Apache Kafka Cheatsheet -[..]-cheatsheet.html?utm_source=pocket_saves

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Fri Nov 03 06:10:42 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Thu Nov 02 12:29:37 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Wed Nov 01 14:26:03 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Wed Nov 01 14:03:03 GMT 2023 From /weblog/design/examples


How I scaled Amazon’s Load Generator to run on 1000s of machines -[..]to-run-on-1000s-of-machines-4ca8f53812cf

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Wed Nov 01 11:41:32 GMT 2023 From /weblog/software_engineering

technical debt

Don't think too much of it -[..]nt-take-technical-debt-metaphor-too.html

Some common behavior show we need code refactoring -[..]/14-code-refactoring-smells-you-can.html

If technical debt behaves like a financial debt, logical debt behaves like a learning debt, which is much more impactful. -[..]stating-than-technical-debt-79e4d4773744

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Wed Nov 01 11:36:08 GMT 2023 From /weblog/learning


How habit affecting you -[..]2012/02/poor-study-habit-and-remedy.html

How to change habit -

How to quit bad habit -[..]028&elq=2220804c77864d95acba08b4a6f21c23

好奇心,细节 -

The most interesting things I've learnt about learning -[..]-most-interesting-things-ive-learnt.html

The most interesting things I've learned about improvement -[..]t-interesting-things-ive-learned_14.html

* Increase your exposure to new and different ideas
* Spend as much time learning from your trading as you actually spend trading
* Manage yourself, not just your risk and your positions[..]hree-best-practices-of-best-traders.html[..]/energy-well-being-and-success-four.html

直覺的奧妙 — Blink -[..]%A6%BA%E7%9A%84%E5%A5%A7%E5%A6%99-blink/

1)  How does the person spend his or her free time?  Per Ayn Rand's observation above, what does he or she do for enjoyment?  

2)  How does the person respond to your successes?  Many people are willing to commiserate with you when you're down and elevate themselves in the process.  A person of genuine goodwill celebrates your successes and is happy for your happiness.

3)  What strong beliefs does the person voice and live through their actions?  Character means standing for what you believe in and living your beliefs.  Go along and get along might be comfortable, but commitment is what powers effective action in the world.[..]hree-powerful-measures-of-character.html

Ask as a habit -[..]%83%E9%80%99%E5%80%8B%E5%95%8F%E9%A1%8C/

practice consistently, stay warm -[..]brain/halo-starcraft-practice-excellence

Wake up early -[..]e-guide-for-waking-up-early-a750c011eb07

This will work, I believe, but really not easy -[..]e-your-life-in-just-a-month-eed6c90ee6c4

3 Simple Habits to Improve Your Critical Thinking:
Question assumptions
Reason through logic
Diversify thought

A cue that triggers your brain to behave automatically
A routine that consists of some kind of action
A reward that reinforces the loop by giving you a good feeling[..]ur-productivity-and-how-to-take-it-back/

Their assessment blew Psycho-Cybernetics out of the water, showing that the time it took to form a new habit ranged from 18 to 254 days. -[..]post/how-long-it-takes-to-break-a-habit/

How to Create a Habit System and Stay Motivated as a Developer -[..]ystem-and-stay-motivated-as-a-developer/

Why ‘daily-ish’ habits can be better than everyday routines -[..]its-can-be-better-than-everyday-routines

14 habits that make you more focused than 98% of people -[..]e-focused-than-98-of-people-1fd9e40093ff

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Tue Oct 31 14:00:59 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Tue Oct 31 11:31:55 GMT 2023 From /weblog/%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E7%94%9F%E6%B4%BB


Tropical plants you can grow at home: bringing the exotic into your living room -[..]st/tropical-plants-you-can-grow-at-home/

【時事百寶箱】物價高企:自家種植能否「有效」減少食物開支? -[..]looning-grocery-bill-heres-how/81t4i8892

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Tue Oct 31 00:24:11 GMT 2023 From /weblog/career/jobs

interviewer tip

The best way I've found to interview candidate developers is to pair program with them to do real work on the actual code of the project that is hiring. If not possible, give programming exercise which is:

The exercise must involve working with current development tools.
The exercise must require the candidate to apply important features of the language.
The exercise must involve understanding and working with existing code.
The exercise must involve error handling.
The exercise must involve testing.
The exercise must offer scope for domain modelling.
The exercise must involve asking questions.
The exercise must be realistic.
The exercise must involve changing requirements.
The exercise must offer the candidate enough rope to hang themselves.
The exercise must test many different skills and practices.

The other interesting reading -[..]ass-kickin-interviewscreening-questions/

Phone interview -

Another interview question and answer -[..]/howto-pass-silicon-valley-software.html

How about lie at CV?[..]mon?entry=lying_on_your_r%C3%A9sum%C3%A9

What interviewee should asked at interview -[..]programmer-should-ask-on-a-job-interview

What should not waste time to ask the candidate -[..]303_use-technique-ace-job-interview.html

The concern of putting negotiable in salary -

how-to-carry-out-technical-recruitment -[..]s/how-to-carry-out-technical-recruitment

Bet you can’t solve this Google interview question. -[..]s-google-interview-question-4a6e5a4dc8ee

system-design-interview-questions -[..]stem-design-interview-questions-for-java

Why and how to do technical interviews? -[..]y-and-how-do-to-do-technical-interviews/

Look for a track record of getting things done. Interview engineers based on their resumes. Don’t be lazy. Call their references and ask their previous colleagues the number of projects completed on time. -[..]ou-hire-software-developers-3910f3b1ed25

A scientist explains the surprising influence of body language in job interviews -[..]g-influence-body-language-job-interviews

Whether it was lifeguarding at a local pool, manning the drive-through at a fast-food chain, or babysitting the neighbor’s kid, you probably remember your first job. While you likely took it to make money, early roles often came with valuable life lessons, too (although you may not have realized it then). -[..]ile-isnt-complete-without-this-one-thing

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Sun Oct 29 13:58:21 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sat Oct 28 13:36:50 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Sat Oct 28 13:14:31 GMT 2023 From /weblog/health


What is cholesterol? -

A recent study found a strong correlation between how a person performed on a cardiac stress test and their risk of dying from cancer. Here’s what you need to know. -[..]icle/stress-test-cardiac-cancer-exercise

Believe the Food Hype: 10 Ways to Protect Your Heart -[..]ss/cm/food-10-ways-to-protect-your-heart

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Sat Oct 28 12:55:46 GMT 2023 From /weblog/business


溝通的最高境界,如何像律師一樣爭論 -

Stick to one theme--one number--per slide. Your audience will thank you. -[..]ke-their-slides-instantly-memorable.html

The Tricks to Make Yourself Effortlessly Charming -[..]s-to-make-yourself-effortlessly-charming

Persuading the Unpersuadable -

Two-way writeups -[..]-writeups-coda-s-secret-to-shipping-fast

Why storytelling may be the secret to success at work -[..]ing-may-be-the-secret-to-success-at-work

3 ways to respond to difficult questions you don’t want to answer -[..]ficult-questions-you-dont-want-to-answer

What to say instead of ‘I’m sorry’ -[..]90972667/what-to-say-instead-of-im-sorry

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Fri Oct 27 13:07:30 GMT 2023 From /photo/cosmos/apod


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Fri Oct 27 12:38:19 GMT 2023 From /weblog/science/animal/insect


Biggest bugs -

看星星跳舞來找路 糞金龜比你會導航 -

earwigs -

bed-bugs -
cockroaches -[..]ists-discover-cockroaches-good-survivors

How the jewel beetle’s shiny shell helps it hide in plain sight -[..]hiny-shell-helps-it-hide-in-plain-sight/

bedbugs -
Bugs aren’t just occasional nuisances, they’re crucial to the environment. Now populations of species worldwide are falling at alarming rates. -[..]/where-have-all-the-insects-gone-feature

This beetle’s armour can survive being run over by a car. Here’s why it’s nearly indestructible -[..]car-heres-why-its-nearly-indestructible/
Hundreds of new and unusual insects discovered in the Amazon’s canopy -[..]-discovered-in-the-amazon-canopy-feature

Inside the Murky World of Butterfly Catchers -[..]chers-collectors-indonesia-market-blumei

How scientists found 'Nemo,' Australia's newest dancing spider -[..]nd-nemo-australias-newest-dancing-spider

喪屍螳螂會被跳水自殺 -[..]2%AB%E8%B7%B3%E6%B0%B4%E8%87%AA%E6%AE%BA

These moths are doing something called “Batesian mimicry”. They’ve evolved to mimic the warning signals of a harmful species (in this case, wasps or bees) in an attempt to deter predators. They look like wasps to tell their predators that they can sting, although they can’t; they don’t even have any jaws or stinger. -

As autumn approaches here’s why we see more spiders in our houses and why wasps are desperate for sugar -[..]s-and-why-wasps-are-desperate-for-sugar/

Parasites are going extinct. Here’s why we need to save them. -[..]g-extinct-heres-why-we-need-to-save-them

Charles Henry Turner: The little-known Black high school science teacher who revolutionized the study of insect behavior in the early 20th century -[..]sect-behavior-in-the-early-20th-century/

Mosquitoes surprise researcher with their 'weird' sense of smell -[..]searcher-with-their-weird-sense-of-smell

A new study finds that high in rainforest trees, insects live in ecosystems that vary wildly from the forest floor on up. -[..]ns-canopy-contains-a-dazzling-multiverse

A boy’s backyard discovery two years ago uncovered an incredibly intricate insect-plant interaction -[..]/oak-gall-ant-wasp-interaction-26246254/

How high can insects really fly? -[..]science/how-high-can-insects-really-fly/

Can cockroaches fly? Well, it depends -[..]ost/can-cockroaches-fly-well-it-depends/

Fireflies are vanishing—but you can help protect them -[..]e/fireflies-tips-to-protect-from-threats

Seven new ‘walking leaf’ insect species discovered -[..]sect-species-discovered-genetic-analysis

The Crawling Dead: 6 creatures that are actually real-life zombies -[..]nimal-facts/6-animals-real-life-zombies/

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Fri Oct 27 00:15:42 GMT 2023 From /weblog/trip/travelling


Looking for a truly remote, off-the-grid adventure? Try Panama. -[..]/article/panama-community-tourism-sostur

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Thu Oct 26 13:54:55 GMT 2023 From /weblog/astronomical


1970s tech in interstellar space: How NASA keeps Voyagers alive against all odds -

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